Play & Learn

Prior to the Maker Festival Twente, on 25, 26 and 27th of May 2016, we are organizing the “Play & Learn” days. These are educational days taking place in Almelo, Hengelo and Enschede with a focus on playing, researching and making.

Play & Learn is a collaboration between the project partners and participants of the MFT. The program offers presentations and workshops for students of primary, secondary and vocational education.


Saxion Bètatechniek proefjes


The goal of Play & Learn is:

  • To demonstrate and enhance pride, pleasure and making things yourself in/with technology
  • Using curiosity and inspiration to arouse interest in innovative and sustainable solutions, art, technology and (new) crafts
  • Make young people interested in applying and renewing technology
  • Identify professional perspectives and opportunities to students in the fields of technology, creative economy and manufacturing industry
  • Make the Twente region visible as the location for the manufacturing industry




The collaboration partners in workshops and student guidance from the three participating cities are: CREA/HEIM (Hengelo), MAFF (Almelo), Kaliber (Almelo en Enschede) and Roombeek Cultuurpark (Enschede).




The “Play & Learn” days are in fact mini-maker festivals. Between 20 to 30 makers will also present themselves during these educational days. The morning program in Almelo, Hengelo and Enschede is aimed at schools. The afternoon program in Almelo and Hengelo is free to the public. In Enschede, everyone is welcome to the big event: the Maker Festival Twente itself. Please note that the educational program for schools in Enschede has already been booked.