MFT is all about exploring, making, sharing, learning, experiencing and participating. It is not a traditional fair with information stands, and that is exactly what makes MFT so special. All kinds of makers and companies can participate and demonstrate, exhibit and show their creations or give a workshop. Makers can also sell their products or charge fees for participation in a workshop. If you intend to charge any fees for participation in a workshop, please mention this in your application form.

Do you have something to show, demonstrate, sell or give a workshop?

Apply as a maker and show your creations at MFT in Enschede. Participation is free. You can download the application form below, including all the necessary practical information.

The MFT organization closely examines all applications on unicity, technological contents, innovation/improvement, variation in the program, the self-making percentage and the willingness to explain and give workshops.

Spread the word! Makers can apply until April 30, 2015, by returning the completed form to

Application form Maker Festival Twente 2015