About MFT

Maker Faires (makerfaire.com) and Maker Festivals are festivals celebrating inventivity, creativity and ingenuity by putting the ‘makers’ in the spotlight.


The term comes from America, where Maker Faires (invented by the publishers of Make Magazine) have been a well-known concept since 2006. All over the world you can find independent and community-driven (mini) Maker Faires. Similarly in the Netherlands, among others, Groningen, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Twente region since 2013.

The first Maker Festival Twente (MFT) in Hengelo was a great success with more than 50 makers and 5.000 visitors in two days. The second MFT in Enschede in May 2015 exceeded the previous edition with almost 100 makers and 8.000 visitors in two days. The enthusiasm was great and different makers and companies have indicated they would like to contribute to the next edition in Enschede in 2016. The Maker Festival Twente taking place on 28 & 29 May 2016 will again be held in a beautiful location in the heart of the city: Performance Factory.


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Twente region has a rich history as a centre for making industries. With educational institutes like the University of Twente, Saxion and ROC it has repositioned itself as a core region for innovativity. There are many spin-off companies in the region and students are actively guided into entrepreneurship.

Innovation is not only structured and organized, it also has an unpredictable, messy and creative side with makers, hackers and artists who play an important and critical role. They make us think, question and reflect the role of technology in our daily existence.

The MFT in Enschede emphasizes on innovativity and creativity in Twente and the relationship between art, culture, business and education. Prior to MFT there will be Play & Learn days for participants within educational programs. In all aspects of MFT like catering, waste-disposal and presentation of the festival, the organization anticipates on creativity, innovation and sustainability.


Come and explore, make, share, learn and experience at MFT!

At Maker Festival Twente the makers are showing their creations and how much fun creativity, innovation, technology, research, textile, construction, food and sustainability is. Visitors are invited to discover, experience and roll up their sleeves. You can work with 3D printers and laser cutters, demolish and hack devices, weld, solder or mold, exchange or repair devices, learn about crafts or combine them with new materials and techniques.


The MFT program includes:

Makers & Inspiration fair with continuous presentations, demonstrations and workshops by the makers. And a side program containing lectures and special demonstrations. In the 2016 edition, we will focus, using several areas, on the innovation and creativity in Twente in the field of technology, sustainability, construction, textile, food, art, technology and more.



Maker Festival Twente is organized by TETEM art space in collaboration with Technology museum HEIM, Linkeroever, Saxion, TkkrLab, University of Twente and Wowlab and many other companies, municipalities, funds, foundations, institutions and individuals who are contributing to this unique event in Twente. Please have a look at our Dutch page ‘Over MFT’ for the full list of the contributing parties.